As one of the major philanthropic foundations in the Bay Area, we see our role as multi-faceted: partner, facilitator, convener, and community member. The valued relationships we develop with our grantees are key to our grantmaking strategy and effectiveness.

As one of the major philanthropic foundations in the Bay Area, we see our role as multi-faceted: partner, facilitator, convener, and community member. The valued relationships we develop with our grantees are key to our grantmaking strategy and effectiveness.

What We Fund

For almost half a century, the Foundation has devoted its resources to elevating the quality of life for all who live in the Bay Area and to supporting the vitality of the worldwide Jewish community.

Grounded in historical Jewish principles and traditions, and dedicated to humanitarian values, the Foundation invests in effective community organizations. We are deeply committed to innovation, to testing new ideas, and to serving as a catalyst by bringing people and organizations together to help solve social problems of common concern.

Bay Area Community Grantmaking

Bay Area community grantmaking focuses on four initiatives, with the primary goal of promoting a vibrant Bay Area region through education, the arts, and civic institutions.

  • Higher Education

    Supporting institutions of higher learning is central to our mission. We believe that a college education has become ever more important—both for individual success and for the success of our society as a whole. A key goal of our grantmaking is to increase access to education and to implement new ways of optimizing student success, improving completion rates, and bolstering career advancement opportunities. (Read about the launch of our latest Higher Education Initiative)

  • K-12 Education

    We envision a Bay Area where every young person has the opportunity, preparation, and support to complete a college or vocational education. For some students, higher education presents special challenges. The Foundation focuses on programs that support the healthy development of youth, help them overcome barriers to success, and prepare them for the future—academically, financially, and psychologically. (Read about the launch of our latest K-12 Education Innovation Initiative).

  • Arts and Culture

    We value a vibrant cultural landscape that enriches and inspires our entire community. To this end, we support programs and strategies that expand access to arts education; engage new audiences in creative ways; and build organizational capacity, stability, and resilience. (Read about the new Koret Education Center at SFMOMA, and see how three Bay Area institutions are evolving access to the arts.)

  • Special Projects

    A dynamic, diverse, and livable Bay Area is critical for the region’s economic success. The Koret Foundation looks to support effective organizations that address a pressing need in our region, work to strengthen the social fabric, or improve the quality of life for all members of our community. (Read about three grantees of the Koret Food Program.)

Jewish Community Grantmaking

The Koret Foundation’s Jewish community grantmaking is comprised of three core initiatives. Together, these initiatives seek to increase Jewish identification and involvement; strengthen ties between Israel and the Bay Area; combat antisemitism; and develop a flourishing Jewish community in the Bay Area, Israel, Poland, and globally.

  • Jewish Peoplehood

    Jewish Peoplehood reflects an understanding of Judaism as a civilization with a common story, religion, philosophy, ethical tradition, and dedication to social justice. The Foundation respects that there are many ways to find meaning in Judaism and so supports a myriad of programs and organizations. Such programs seek to educate and inspire Jewish identification and involvement and to strengthen the connections between Jews around the world. These include programs that connect people with Jewish cultural traditions and with their peers; educate Jews and the general public about Jewish history and the moral imperative of social responsibility; and develop successful organizational leaders. Just as the Foundation invests in the creation of a vibrant 21st century Jewish community, we also invest in an enduring Jewish community, by supporting programs that combat antisemitism and global efforts to delegitimize Israel as the democratic and Jewish homeland. (Read about the remarkable backstory and current phenomenon of Rywka’s Diary)

  • U.S.-Israel Bridge Building

    The Koret Foundation is committed to ensuring a bright future for Israel as a beacon of democracy in the Middle East and as a strategic ally of the United States. We seek to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship in diverse ways and support organizational collaborations, educational and humanitarian action programs, and opportunities for cooperation and exchange. (Read about the global work of IsraAID.)

  • Supporting Jewish Institutions

    Within the context of Jewish values, a strong Bay Area Jewish community requires that the mosaic of Jewish institutions be equipped to serve the Jewish and general communities—now and for the future. The Koret Foundation supports innovative programming and activities that increase organizational capacity and accessibility to all; elevate the quality of communal service; and improve financial sustainability.

The Koret Foundation accepts grant proposals by invitation only.