We leverage our resources to provide funding that is flexible, responsive, and adaptive, with the goal of creating real change. 

Our Priorities

Koret seeks to enhance the quality of life for everyone in the Bay Area and also to ensure the vitality of the global Jewish community. Our grantees touch people’s lives every day in multiple ways.

For almost half a century, our investments have strengthened local institutions and contributed to more dynamic communities. The impact is intended to resonate for generations to come.

In the spirit of innovation, we fund grants to test and advance new ideas. We also support core institutions in adapting, evolving, and serving increasingly diverse communities. Our sustained philanthropic commitment leads to long-term partnerships, and we trust organizational leaders to leverage our grants where funds are needed most. Our grantmaking is divided into the following core initiatives.

Jewish Community Grantmaking

Our Jewish community grantmaking is comprised of two core initiatives. Together, they seek to increase Jewish identification and involvement; strengthen ties between Israel and the Bay Area; combat antisemitism; and support key institutions that contribute to a vibrant Jewish community in the Bay Area, Israel, and Poland.

Jewish Peoplehood

Jewish Peoplehood reflects an understanding of Judaism as a civilization with a shared story, religion, culture, ethical tradition, and dedication to community.

U.S.-Israel Bridge Building

We are committed to ensuring a bright future for Israel as a beacon of democracy in the Middle East and as a strategic ally of the United States.

Bay Area Community Grantmaking

Our Bay Area community grantmaking is divided into four initiatives, with the collective goal of promoting a vibrant region through education, the arts, and civic institutions.

Higher Education

Post-secondary education and technical training provide the most reliable pathway to career fulfillment and financial stability.

K–12 Education

We envision a Bay Area where every young person has the opportunity, preparation, and support to complete a college or vocational education.

Arts and Culture

Our pillar arts institutions offer myriad engaging experiences to include, enrich, and inspire our entire community.

Special Projects

We support selected organizations that address a pressing need in our region, including services for veterans, food programs, and civic projects to strengthen the social fabric.

The Koret Foundation accepts grant proposals
by invitation only.