Koret Summer Update: Celebrating 75 Years of Israel

Quarterly Update | Jun 2023

Koret Summer Update: Celebrating 75 Years of Israel

Quarterly Update | Jun 2023

Seventy-five years ago this past month, the modern state of Israel was born. In the decades since, the Israeli people’s resilience and ingenuity have been inspiring. Koret has always supported Israel in multiple ways. Today, our focus is on strengthening the connections between Israeli and Diaspora Jews and on supporting the U.S. – Israel relationship. Israel, as the homeland of the Jewish people represents both the realization of a dream of self-determination and a collective Jewish story. As a beacon of democracy in the Middle East, Israel is a vibrant example of how innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit advance society’s greater good. Koret’s grantees are working to shape the future of Israel through long-term partnerships with the U.S., and expanded connections with the global Jewish community

As Jews everywhere celebrate this milestone, we acknowledge that Israelis are dealing with a profound internal crisis. Looking forward Koret is hopeful and optimistic about Israel’s next 75 years. 

Inspired by our grantees:

The country’s 75th birthday was cause for celebration both in Israel and the U.S.—home, half a globe apart, to the world’s two largest Jewish communities. We asked several Jewish thought leaders in both countries to reflect on Israel today and their hopes for the next 75 years. Their responses, excerpted for our story, shed light on the myriad ways Israeli and North American Jews seek to connect with each other. The diversity of responders is a vibrant sampling of the breadth of organizations that Koret supports.

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Thoughts & Opinions:

In a piece for the SAPIR Journal, “Israel is Less Fragile Than We Feared, More Fragile Than We Imagine”, Dr. Daniel Gordis, the Koret Distinguished Fellow at Shalem College, analyzes Israel’s current divide through the lens of its past crises, taking lessons from 1948 to help guide Israel in 2023

Read the full article by Dr. Gordis here 

Just a few weeks ago, Koret’s Chief Program Officer Danielle Foreman joined SF Mayor London Breed and other community leaders as part of a delegation to Israel to mark 50 years of the Haifa and San Francisco’s sister city relationship. The itinerary included  high-level meetings with U.S. and Israeli leaders about opportunities for economic cooperation.   

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