Grantee in the News | Oct 2023

Group created to collect Holocaust survivor testimonies to start interviewing victims of Hamas massacres

Originally published in eJewish Philanthropy

People light candles in memory of the civilians and soldiers killed, and for the hostages that were taken to the Gaza Strip, in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square on Oct. 12, 2023.

The organization created to record and gather the testimonies of Holocaust survivors is now working to do the same for the victims of last Saturday’s massacres in southern Israel, the largest number of Jews murdered in a single day since the Holocaust.

This effort, which will be a major undertaking for the organization for the coming months and years, is part of a new push by the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation to focus not only on preserving the history of the Holocaust but on combating contemporary antisemitism.

“The Hamas-led attacks near the border are a clear case of antisemitic terror,” USC Shoah Foundation CEO Robert Williams told eJP. “And we want to try to obtain testimonies now because there’s a strong need to allow the victims to voice their anger and frustration.”

Collecting the testimonies from survivors of the massacres in Israeli towns near the Gaza border and the Tribe of Nova festival will not just preserve their experiences for later study but also keep the memories of the victims alive for the near future.

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