Thoughts & Opinions | Jan 2024

Exploring the Jewish ECE ecosystem in the San Francisco Bay Area: Download the full report

As a longtime funder in the Bay Area, Koret cares deeply about creating a thriving local Jewish community, and the foundation recognizes that Jewish early childhood education (ECE) is a critical entry point for children and families into Jewish life. 

While the foundation has funded some ECE pilot projects, we were inspired by early research conducted in the East Bay by the Rodan Family Foundation to expand the research and assess the state-of-play for Jewish ECE throughout our region. We hoped to gain a deeper understanding of the Jewish ECE ecosystem in the Bay Area—specifically of the family and parent experience—and compare ECE trends across the Bay Area. 

We are pleased to have partnered with EarlyJ and Rosov Consulting to present these regional findings. We know that these research findings will be of benefit to the broader philanthropic and Bay Area Jewish community, which is why we chose to share the findings at three community events and provide open access to the research. We hope this research will be of use to practitioners and help funders and individual donors, locally and beyond, make better informed grants and donations toward our shared purpose of expanding access to and increasing the quality of Jewish ECE programs. 

Below are two slides to help contextualize the research, and a pdf of the full report can be found at the end.

Koret, EarlyJ, and Rosov Consulting shared our findings at three events across the Bay Area in January. Thank you to all of our partners who made this work possible, and all of the educators, philanthropists, and community members who work hard every day to improve the Jewish ECE ecosystem across the Bay Area.

Pictured from left to right: Sharona Israeli-Roth, Founding President & Executive Director, EarlyJ; Danielle Foreman, Chief Program Officer, Koret Foundation; Zack Bodner, CEO, Oshman Family JCC and Advisory Board Member, EarlyJ; Shai Weingarten, Executive Director & Co-President, Weingarten Foundation and Advisory Board Member, EarlyJ; Yana Kalika, President, Koum Family Foundation and Advisory Board Member, EarlyJ; Rachel Schonwetter, Program Officer, Koret Foundation; Wendy Rosov, Founder & Principal, Rosov Consulting; Mark Reisbaum, Philanthropy Advisor, Rodan Family Foundation

Download the full report