Grantee in the News | Jan 2024

Victory lap for Alex Edelman’s ‘Just for Us’ scheduled at Berkeley Rep

Originally published in SF Chronicle’s Datebook

Alex Edelman’s “Just for Us” will have a limited-run engagement at Berkeley Rep’s Peet’s Theatre from January 9 to January 21.


When comedian Alex Edelman performed “Just for Us” at the Curran in October, the only problem with the solo show — about how he, as a Jew, infiltrated a white nationalist meeting — was that its run was so short.

Now, with a victory lap run scheduled at Berkeley Rep, Bay Area audiences have the rarest of chances: to seize an opportunity they might have missed the first time around in an inherently evanescent art form.

Onstage, the Obie Award-winning Edelman has a hyperkinetic energy, as if his guiding philosophy is, “Why merely stand when you can jog in place?” He brings acerbic self-awareness to his own background as an Orthodox Jew raised in an insular community and his bleeding-heart, self-congratulatory attempt to empathize with those who by definition hate him.

“Just for Us,” while packed with those razor’s edge jokes where you’re not 100% sure if you’re allowed to laugh, takes the risk of saying something discomfiting in liberal circles: A bottomless well of empathy isn’t always the answer.

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