February 2024


Koret study finds Jewish preschool ‘deserts,’ high tuition costs, staff retention are key issues

A new research study supported by Koret Foundation, Rosov Consulting, and EarlyJ, “Exploring the Jewish ECE Ecosystem,” was shared with more than 180 participants across three locations last month. The findings from the research are available in full to the public.

January 2024


Exploring the Jewish ECE ecosystem in the San Francisco Bay Area: Download the full report

Koret, in partnership with EarlyJ and Rosov Consulting, conducted a study to assess the state-of-play for Jewish ECE in our region. We have chosen to provide open access to the research in hopes that it will help practitioners, locally and beyond, make better informed grants toward expanding access to and increasing the quality of Jewish ECE programs.

June 2023


Koret Summer Update: Celebrating 75 Years of Israel

Seventy-five years ago this past month, the modern state of Israel was born. In the decades that followed, the resilience and ingenuity of the Israeli people has inspired. Since the foundation’s inception, Koret has supported Israel in a variety of ways. Today, Koret’s efforts are focused on strengthening the bonds of the Jewish people and supporting the U.S. – Israel relationship.

March 2023


Koret Spring Update: Celebrating Bay Area Arts and Culture

Koret has announced $6M in new grants to support local arts and cultural organizations over the next three years. More than 40 such institutions will benefit from Koret’s investment in the next generation of artists, audiences, and patrons.

December 2022


To sustain our JCCs for years to come, vote with your feet

“The institutions we depend on to connect Jewishly are now depending on us to show up and rekindle those feelings and experiences of community that were lost.” In this op-ed originally published in the J, Weekly, Koret’s Rachel Schonwetter shares why it’s time to show up for our local JCCs, and what we can do.

December 2022


Koret Winter Update: Supporting local veterans and their families

Koret recently renewed its commitment to local veterans with a $1.5 million investment in the Koret Veterans Initiative over three years. First launched in 2019, this initiative helps Bay Area veterans address barriers to success.

May 2022


San Francisco

$10 Million Koret Foundation grant to establish Koret center for Jewish civilization at TAU

The Koret Center at TAU, Israel’s largest research university, will work to bridge divides and improve relationships between Jewish communities worldwide by centering on the common bonds that have united the Jewish people for millennia. Read the full story at the Jerusalem Post.

January 2022


San Francisco

On International Holocaust Remembrance day, keeping memory alive through storytelling

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We remember those we lost through stories. Rywka’s Diary provides a glimpse into the life of an ordinary girl during extraordinary times.

October 2021



Koret President Dr. Anita Friedman receives Visionary Leadership Award from Tel Aviv University

Dr. Anita Friedman will receive Tel Aviv University’s prestigious Visionary Leadership Award at their 2021 virtual gala. The gala is raising funds for three important initiatives at Tel Aviv University: student scholarships, medical research, and The Center for Combatting Pandemics.

April 2021



Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Koret believes that caring for the earth (the Jewish value of shmirat ha’adamah) is a fundamental part of sustaining healthy and vibrant communities. Our grantee Urban Adamah is meeting critical needs of food distribution and community connection through a Jewish, earth-based lens.

March 2021


San Francisco Bay Area

Our Pandemic Year: 12 months of frenzied fundraising and philanthropy

Bay Area Jewish funders and fundraisers reflect on the pandemic one year later. “At the beginning of the pandemic, the only thing that was certain was that no one knew what to expect — foundations and grantees alike,” recalls Danielle Foreman, Koret’s director of programs. (Photo/Seth Leslie)

March 2020


Jewish funders commit to grantees amid coronavirus pandemic

Koret, along with other major Jewish funders, released a joint statement addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, laying out an approach to their philanthropies as non-profits and communities face uncertain times.