The Exploratorium, a “21st century learning laboratory,” opened its stunning new home at Pier 15 in April 2013.  With over seven acres of indoor and outdoor space, the new location includes more than 600 exhibits designed to spark curiosity, foster learning, and explore human perception.

As a commitment to providing education and discovery to all, the new Exploratorium features 1.5 acres of space provided free to the public. This area includes the Koret Foundation Bay Walk, a waterfront boardwalk that offers stunning views. The museum includes a permanent collection and a rotating program of artwork and exhibits, all accessible without an entry fee. Currently delighting visitors is Doug Hollis’s Aeolian Harp, which harnesses the wind tunnel between Piers 15 and 17 and responds musically to the varying gusts from the bay.

A longtime supporter of the world-renowned institution, Koret provided capital support to the Exploratorium during its early relocation efforts, as well as support to complete the current capital campaign. For Koret, residents, and educators near and far, the Exploratorium represents a key anchor institution, which strengthens the Bay Area and solidifies its status as a region of innovation and creativity.