Tamar Leveson

Koret’s grantees include the Bay Area institutions that were foundational to my Jewish upbringing here. And when I tell people that I work at Koret, so many of them spontaneously relate how Koret’s support has figured in their lives, from camp to scholarships to the JCC. I love working so that generations after mine will also have stories of Koret’s impact on them.

Tamar Leveson

Program Associate

Tamar joined the Koret Foundation in 2019 as a program assistant. She is now a program associate, supporting both our Jewish community grantmaking portfolio and our Bay Area community portfolio. She particularly enjoys speaking with grantees about their vision and the impact of their work, and then distilling this information for presentation to the board. An added satisfaction is how Koret’s grants portfolio dovetails with her personal interests and past experiences—arts, music, culture, and Jewish community. 

Prior to joining Koret, Tamar exercised her passion for writing (and grammar) as an editorial assistant at an art and design magazine in Seattle. She earned a B.A. in English literature with a minor in music at the University of Washington, where she was an active member of campus Jewish organizations and committee chair at UW Hillel.

Tamar grew up in the South Bay and Israel, and now lives in Berkeley. She spends her free time reading, playing music, and singing in the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. She also keeps up her Hebrew by watching Israeli TV shows and listening to pop culture podcasts.