Supporting the Jewish Community


The Koret Foundation seeks to create a vibrant Bay Area Jewish community where all members thrive now and for generations to come.


For thousands of years, the concept of Jewish Peoplehood has inspired, intrigued, and perplexed Jews and non-Jews alike. The principal form of Jewish expression is no longer found exclusively in the synagogue, but also in Jewish humor, music, food, and art. Today, Jewish identity is often defined by tradition, heritage, culture, and family.

The Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood seeks to increase Jewish identity and involvement by inspiring all members of the Jewish community to engage in meaningful, positive Jewish experiences and connect with Jewish people locally and globally.

Grantees will be evaluated based on the degree to which the program/grant achieves the following three outcomes of the Initiative:

  • Deepened and enriched Jewish identity
  • Increased involvement in Jewish life
  • Strengthened organizational capacity to provide high-quality and relevant Jewish experiences that achieve overall initiative goals

Initiative to Combat Anti-Semitism

The Initiative to Combat Anti-Semitism seeks to counter new and old forms of anti-Semitism. Throughout history, anti-Semitic attitudes have persisted across cultural and national lines. We believe that, in a competition for beliefs and ideas, positive ideas will overcome negative ones with a pro-active, assertive approach. To that end, the Koret Foundation seeks to:

  • Increase awareness of new and old forms of anti-Semitism
  • Generate more positive perceptions of Israel and the Jewish people
  • Promote a greater involvement in activities or causes that support a strong relationship between the United States and Israel, and
  • Build a stronger commitment to ensuring the safety and security of Israel

The Foundation’s work is focused in the Bay Area, primarily to strengthen Israel advocacy on college campuses, where students and faculty are actively working to combat the prejudice that can often be found there. Koret focuses on educating students, faculty, and campus administrators with the tools to successfully fight back against boycott, divestment, and sanction campaigns, among other harmful anti-Israel campus activities.