Koret grantee Reboot is helping a new generation of young people re-engage in Jewish life. Its latest project, Unscrolled, invited 54 leading Jewish writers, artists, photographers, screenwriters, and thinkers to re-imagine and celebrate the first five books of the Bible. Through stories, poems, memoirs, plays, infographics, and even a graphic novel, participants reinterpreted a portion of the Torah as relevant in today’s world. The book has been published and is for sale on Amazon. Several community events have sprung up around the country to celebrate the project.




“Unscrolled” is outrageously fun to read, but it also gives a thoughtful examination of the Old Testament and generates conversation. What does the Bible really mean? Perhaps the answer lies in what we each bring to it, something that surely turns a Good Book into a great one.

– San Francisco Chronicle