Jewish Community Centers


The primary goal of Koret’s Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood is to increase Jewish identification and involvement in Jewish life to ensure that the Jewish People survive and thrive. The Bay Area’s Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) are a pillar of this Initiative, acting as the primary place that Jews gather in significant numbers to develop personal, cultural, and intellectual connections and pride.

Koret initiated a three-year grant to our Bay Area JCCs to develop a comprehensive, multi-generational program that engages participants inside and outside of JCC walls. Ultimately, JCC Peoplehood programs will be a catalyst for increased Jewish involvement at home and with other community organizations.

To assess and maximize the initiative’s impact in the Jewish community, the Koret Foundation has engaged in a three-year, independent evaluation of Jewish Peoplehood activities and objectives at Bay Area JCCs. These are the community partners of the Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood:

  • Addison Penzak JCC
  • East Bay JCC
  • Osher Marin JCC
  • Oshman Family JCC at the Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life
  • Peninsula JCC
  • San Francisco JCC