Strengthening Bay Area Anchor Institutions

Strengthening Bay Area Anchor Institutions

Our vision of a thriving Bay Area now and in the future leads us to support civic and cultural institutions that enrich the lives of residents, contribute to the economy, strengthen the region, and, ultimately, contribute to our quality of life.

Arts, Culture, and Civic Organizations

As part of our ongoing commitment to strengthen and enrich Bay Area community life, Koret supports and sustains high-quality cultural arts programs and organizations that collectively have established the region as a vibrant, world-class arts destination.

Koret also funds large institutions—civic organizations, educational institutions, cultural establishments, and large human-service organizations—that define the Bay Area. Examples of grantees include the Exploratorium, helping to expand a key San Francisco landmark; the Commonwealth Club, supporting the nation’s oldest and most active public affairs forum; and the San Francisco Opera, broadening audiences by leveraging technological innovation.

Educational Innovation

At Koret, we believe that every child in this nation deserves the opportunity to receive an excellent education, and that an educated populace is the foundation of our national strength. Both in K12 education and at the collegiate level, we seek to influence education policy, to support and replicate the highest-performing academic models, and to improve educational leadership.

We support programs that encourage choice, transparency, and accountability in K12 education; programs that use advanced technology education policy to improve academic outcomes; and programs that encourage the highest-performing schools to develop and disseminate replicable models.

At the collegiate level, Koret supports undergraduate and graduate studies that encourage scholarly dialogue, thereby developing tomorrow’s leaders. We have awarded significant capital and programmatic grants to Bay Area universities that create inviting opportunities for engagement with new structures, programs, and responses to social, cultural, educational, or recreational needs.