About Koret

Strengthening community. Enriching lives.

Based in San Francisco, the Koret Foundation supports organizations that promote a vibrant and distinctive Bay Area. Koret focuses its giving in two major areas: strengthening the Jewish community in the Bay Area, Israel and Poland, and supporting Bay Area anchor institutions. Since its founding in 1979, Koret has invested nearly $500 million to contribute to a higher quality of civic and Jewish community life.

The Koret Foundation seeks strategic, collaborative solutions to leverage our grantmaking dollars. For more than thirty years, Koret has looked to market-based approaches and proven business principles to improve communities and the Bay Area.

Creating positive impact

The Talmud says tzedakah—giving to others—is the most powerful force in the world. The Koret Foundation believes that when philanthropy provides a catalyst for change, giving achieves its greatest impact.


These beliefs and approaches guide our work and help fulfill our purpose to contribute to a high quality of civic and Jewish community life in the Bay Area:

  • A focus on a strong, successful Bay Area in the 21st century and beyond
  • A commitment to ensuring that the Jewish people survive and thrive
  • A commitment to accountability, evaluation, and excellence
  • Collaboration with like-minded funders to optimize effectiveness and impact
  • Multi-year investments in leading institutions that serve as levers for achieving community impact
  • Market-based approaches and scalable models for creating societal and policy change
  • Scholarly solutions to community problems, driven by high-level thought leaders and prestigious research institutions
  • Dedication to ensuring the Foundation’s legacy